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X-ray specs, Carrie Witherell

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Emma Stone - Late Show With David Letterman  NYC

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Now this is going on YouTube and you look like an ass!

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@donnairene in Florida got her custom Mint Paddle Pop deck.

We can do all our boards as decks or completes with your choice of wheels, check it out online✌️ (at www.kippyskateboards.com.au)

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Every group who lived together in Brazil had their own little ‘cheography’ while walking on stage

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I swear his danceing skill are killing me:D

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Too drunk to function


Blue Lagoons, Iceland

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MÜLLER MÜLLERING: the best official photo ever


Clouds in a lighting storm (by nickbilton)

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Adventure 87 is up! “The Last Best Place” shot by Jesse Lenz with Collective Quarterly. If you’re currently stuck in a a heatwave these snowy photos might help you cool off. Check them out here

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